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mugiwara kaizokudan !
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Future Projects (#^_^#)/

Future Projects:

Haku ~ Spirited Away ~ DONE
Haruka ~ Free ~ DONE
Sailor Neptune ~ Sailormoon ~ DONE
Black Cat ~ Marvel ~ DONE
Inuyasha ~ Inuyasha ~ DONE
Sheryl Kindan no Elixer Prince ~ Macross frontier
Koujaku ~ Dramatical Murder
Meer Campbell ~ Gundam Seed Destiny ~ 20%
Stellar ~ Gundam Seed Destiny
Jeanne ~ Kaito Jeanne ~ 50% On hold
Scheherazade ~ Trinity Blood ~ 45% On Hold

And many more.
For a better updated list you can check out my FB Page:
Name of Image

Done Cosplay's

Done Cosplay's:

Sheryl Nome Diamond Crevasse ~ Macross Frontier
Sheharezade ~ Magi
Jorougumo ~ xxxHolic
Jinguji Ren *stage* ~ Uta no Prince-sama
Bunny ~ Tiger&Bunny
Kassim ~ Magi
Cheshire ~ Young Justice
Finn the Human ~ Adventure Time
Asami Sato ~ Legend of Korra
Sinbad ~ Magi
Miss Martian ~ Young Justice
Lacus Clyne ~ Gundam Seed Destiny
Zatsune Miku ~ Vocaloid
Nico Robin ~ One Piece
Sanji ~ One Piece
Jinguji Ren ~ Uta no Prince-sama
Soldier Tony ~ Terra e
Litchi Faye Ling ~ BlazBlue
Allelujah Haptsim ~ Gundam 00
Chip Skylark ~ Fairly odd Parents
Ikuto~ Shugo Chara
Hinamori Amu ~ Shugo Chara
Alice ~ Alice in Wonderland
Sheryl Nome ~ Macross Frontier
Rhoda ~ Tegami Bachi
Aria ~ Tegami Bachi
Hatsune Miku ~ Vocaloid
Megurine Luka ~ Vocaloid
Kaito Kid/1412 ~ Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Françoise Arnoul ~ Cyborg 009
Gwendal ~ Kyo Kara Maou
Rainbow Dash ~ MLP Friendship is Magic
Law nurse ~ One Piece
Konata ~ Lucky Star
Kogami Akira ~ Lucky Star
Ritsuka ~ LoveLess
Kaname Kuran ~ Vampire Knight
Yuuki Cross ~ Vampire Knight
Sora Cupid ~ Sukisho
Yoru ~ Sukisho
Chii ~ Chobits
Ryan ~ Ray doujinshi
Lenalee Lee ~ D.gray-man
Tikki Mikk ~ D.gray-man
Himawari ~ xxxHolic
Kurisu Makise ~ Stein's Gate
Yuki ~ Fruits Basket
Lina ~ Mermaid Melody
Kanae ~ Skip Beat
Alice ~ Pandora Hearts
Vincent ~ Pandora Hearts
Lotti ~ Pandora Hearts



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Galactic Fairy by SedNobiS
Galactic Fairy
Sheryl Diamond Crevasse cosplay at Midwest Media Expo Detroit

Picture by PixieLight Photography

For more pictures of my work check out my page:
Princess Serenity by SedNobiS
Princess Serenity
A sweet pure innocence, through space and time
waiting for a love to finaly be mine

picture by KJC cosplay photography

You can follow my progress and other cosplay's on SedNobis
Tutorial: Tutu hoop skirt by SedNobiS
Tutorial: Tutu hoop skirt
Recently people have been asking me how i made my Sakura tutu stay up in the air, so i decided to make a tutorial to explain the steps.

If there a questions feel free to ask.

Enjoy and happy cosplaying <3
Music is a way to be free by SedNobiS
Music is a way to be free
So i will sing and dance as it's my ownly way to be me ~*

Picture taken by Mark van der Meer at the Notredame in paris


SedNobiS's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts


Artist | Student | Cosplayer | Artisan Crafts

Hello I'm Mitzuki and i'm a Cosplayer and Fashion Student from the Netherlands.
I love the challenge of making something 2D into 3D.
Be it clothes or items. I just love figuring out and playing with it till it works.

On my DeviantArt you will mostly find progress and finished pictures of my Cosplay's or school outfits,
but also of plushies and props that i make that go with them.

For more detailled updates you can follow me on Facebook:
Name of Image
Feel free to ask if you have a question and i will get back to you asap ^^

Enjoy your stay (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


AfterCon Report

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 11:18 AM
My Gallery | Watch me | Note me| Facebook

Hey everyone

It's been a while since my last journal but I've been busy with preparing for Animecon which was last weekend.
And i must say XD the past weekend has left me dead tired (slept all day today)

On friday i entered the EGC preliminaries with :iconhitsujiaiko: and :iconoh-so-snake: with our Aion act.
It took up most of the day with rehearsal's and the act itself :3 but it was really fun to do. 

After the competition i changed into Sheryl's diamond crevasse dress for the gala (which wasn't all that we expected it to be) and had a shoot with Moekke cosplay and Kaoru Li who were dressed as the other two versions of sheryl.

Saturday i debuted my Scheherazade cosplay which actually killed me for the rest of the weekend. The wig was over 10kg and having that on my head gave me a major head and neck ache. We had a complete group of magi's and a alibaba and later we were joined by some other magi characters for a shoot.

Saturday night we had Deshima Sounds and :icongirlwondercos: and I decided to attend as Nana and Hachi :3. Didn't stick around for to long as i still had a headache from scheherazade ^^ So i spent the rest of the night (till 2am) at the karaoke before going to sleep.

On sunday i wore my sheryl dress again and had a shoot on the main stage. The dress has been a dream cosplay of mine ever since i saw it, so i was really happy that i got to shoot it on a stage like in the series.

This animecon i also finally got to meet people in person whom i've talked to before online. 

Had a lot of fun, and all the pain was worth the awesome weekend i had.

Hopefully i will see everybody again soon at an other convention ^^ and now it's time to start working on my Animagic cosplay's for next month.

I will upload the pictures here ASAP but for now you can check them out on my FB page here : Name of Image

Bye bye (#^_^#)/


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